• Head Office: Butare-Kyamuhunga, Bushenyi District
  • info@kyaps.co.ug
  • +256 776 555 885 / +256 704 460 536

Our Saving Products

01. KYAPSAVE Account

- Unlimited deposits and withdraws
- Minimum operating balance
- Attracts monthly service fees

- No withdraw charges
- Flexible deposit
- Accessibility to credit
- Attractive interest rates
- Enjoy quick and professional services

Requirements for individual
- Identification Card can be National ID, Driving permit
- Three passport Photos
- LC1 recommendation for those without IDs

Requirements for Groups
- Group resolutions & attendance
- Certificate of registration if any
- Group bi-laws

02. FOCOSAVE Account

- Linked with KYAPSave Account
- Minimum deposit amount is 5,000 Ugx
- Flexible withdraws
- Minimum balance at the end of year is 10,000Ugx

- Free account opening
- Bi-annually attractive computed Interest
- No monthly service
- Flexible deposit opportunities that enables an account holder to build lump sum

- The client is to sign standing order form allowing KYAPS to make monthly transfers

03. Fixed Deposit Account

-This account encourages savers to invest their money and it earns attractive interest

- Flexible withdraws
- Minimum amount id Ugx 100,000=
- Invest and earn an attractive interest
- It can be used as the security for a loan & interest rate is attractive
- Guaranteed interest is paid at maturity
- Free account opening and it is linked with KYAPSAVE account

04. Abato Savers Account

This acccount gives parents or guardians the opportunity to save for the current and future needs for their children

- Account opening amount is 15,000Ugx
- Minimum balance is 5,000Ugx
- No limitations on the amount to be deposited
- Interest rate is earned quarterly

- No transactional charges
- Attractive Interest rates